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Client Admin updates - What you need to know

About this event

We’re excited to announce that on 11 August 2021 you will see improvements to the client admin system.

With these new updates to the project portion of the Client Admin system we are happy to demonstrate how this will function and get use to the new look. We are confident that the updates will simplify your process when creating and managing a project.

During this webinar, see all the updates we have made and learn how to best use. We encourage you to ask your questions so you can easily manage your projects.

These are most of the points we will cover plus a few more that are not on this list:

  • Will see the auto generated Product ID with opportunity to overwrite
  • What the reminder email default to Respondents defaults are and how to change it
  • How a respondent accesses their report
  • After creating a project, how you can simply click to add your Respondents
  • New page features to add Respondents to your project
  • How the ‘add another Respondent’ button has an improved flow
  • Learn how the notifications work when Respondents receive the invitation email
  • And more…   

Our team are excited to have you join us!

Hosted by

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    Natasha Kirycuk Customer Experience Team Manager @ Strengthscope

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    Truth St Louis Customer Experience and Office Assistant @ Strengthscope


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