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How the best teams use their strengths to achieve peak performance

About this event

Join us on 10 May to learn How the best teams use their strengths to achieve peak performance.

What we’re noticing is that employers are having to work harder than ever to satisfy and retain their people. It’s mainly post-pandemic busy-ness fever that seems to be driving it and who knows how long that will last.  

In our current landscape, teams must come together with the support of one another to overcome challenges to be effective.  This is done by understanding each team member’s strengths and making sure we are setting our teammates up to succeed.  

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How a team strengths approach can increase engagement and lead to high performance
  • Understanding Strengthscope's Peak Performing Team Pathway - strengths and productive team habits
  • Using a Team report to boost clear team strengths and mitigate performance risks
  • How individuals can use their strengths to best effect within their team 

Let’s set up our teams for success.  

Hosted by

  • Team member
    James Walden Business Development Manager @ Strengthscope

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    PM T
    Paul Mehra Training Consultant @ Strengthscope


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