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How to create impactful early careers experiences - the strengths way

About this event

Join us virtually on the 2 August at 3:00 PM BST to learn how to create impactful early careers experiences – the strengths way! A HR guide to using strengths.

Did you know that over 40% of early career graduates report challenges and uncertainty over their career paths? Ultimately, this leads to higher attrition rates for businesses.

How can you, as an employer, create positive and impactful experiences for early career professionals?

Hear from Toni Marshall, Senior Consultant & Research Lead at Strengthscope, as she walks through using the strengths approach to combat these common challenges faced by organisations.

Come and learn:

  • Why a strengths focus makes a big difference in early careers
  • How to embed strengths into graduate programmes
  • What role HR and L&D professionals need to play in ensuring success

Excited to see you there! Bring along your questions and previous experience in early careers; we want to hear from you.

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    Ben Oliver Community Customer Success Manager @ Strengthscope®

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    Toni Marshall Training and Integration Consultant @ Strengthscope


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