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How to develop resilience: a strengths-based view

About this event

Join us virtually on 1 February at 4:30 PM GMT to learn how to develop resilience from a strengths-based view.

To thrive in 2023, we must anticipate the economic change that has been brewing for the past three years. How can you ensure that each individual adapts well to the changes ahead, given the pressure and stress this places on leaders and managers in the workplace?

Join Scott Christie, Head of Training & Integration at Strengthscope, as he walks through how resilience can help with the changes ahead.

Here’s what is in store for you…

  • How to use your strengths to adapt to change
  • Approaching the impact change has on teams and how strengths can help
  • Exercises to help maintain the right mindset for resilience

Excited to see you there! Bring along your questions and previous experience of changes in the workplace; we want to hear from you.

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    Kitty Schaap

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    Aman Zaidi

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    Scott Christie Head of Training and Integration @ Strengthscope

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