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How to enable a healthy feedback culture at the workplace

About this event

Join us virtually on 11 May at 3:30 PM BST to learn how to enable a healthy feedback culture at the workplace.

Creating a healthy feedback culture can seem impossible as individuals are quite daunted by the thought of any kind of feedback! This means introducing your teams to the right tools and language around how to approach feedback in a healthy and productive way is an essential way forward.

Hear from Claire Graham, Training Specialist at Strengthscope, as she walks through how to enable a healthy feedback culture at the workplace.

Come and learn:

  • The benefits of strengths-based feedback over competency-based feedback.
  • How strengths-based feedback helps to create a feedback culture through the lens of:
  1. Growth mindset
  2. Strengths-based leadership
  3. Psychological safety
  • A user case from StrengthscopeMaster™ practitioner Niki Fincham on how Strengthscope360 has enabled powerful conversations within the workplace.

Excited to see you there! Bring along your questions and previous experience of feedback in the workplace; we want to hear from you.

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Claire Graham

  • Guest speaker
    NF G
    Niki Fincham


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