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How to energise your hybrid team through positive leadership

About this event

Bringing Positive leadership in 2022

In the world of hybrid working, how do we continue to encourage our employees to stay productive, energised, engaged and show up to the office when we need them?

Leaders must find that happy medium. They are expected to motivate and encourage employees through the lens of a screen. We are excited to discuss and share How to energise your team remotely by adopting positive leadership.

In this webinar:

  • Learn why knowing your team’s strengths is critical in a virtual environment
  • How our strengths as leaders can benefit not only us but our organisation
  • Why embracing hybrid ways of working can keep teams motivated
  • How to eliminate bias from those in the office versus those working virtually

Join us for 45 minutes in this live leader webinar on 7 March at 3:30 PM GT / 10:30 AM EST.

Hosted by

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    Toni Marshall Training and Integration Consultant @ Strengthscope


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