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How to secure reoccurring revenue using Strengthscope

About this event

Join us virtually on the 8 December at 3:00 PM GMT to learn how to secure reoccurring revenue using Strengthscope. 

In the corporate world, enhancing performance, productivity, and engagement has become a key focus for the success of the business. This fundamental focus has made embedding people development programs an asset as corporate companies are becoming more conscientious about sustaining their employees over time. 

With this immense opportunity, how can you, as a Strengthscope practitioner, win reoccurring revenue within this corporate space? 

Join our discussion on how to use Strengthscope to its full potential and unlock larger, more consistent business within organizations. 

What will you learn? 

  • Practical tips for strategising a long-term multi-faceted approach that targets organisational change within a corporate setting 
  • How to position yourself to unlock long-lasting revenue  
  • The fundamental areas to consider when looking to approach and grow opportunities within the corporate space 
  • Hear from experienced Strengthscope practitioners that have found success in corporate conversations 

Excited to see you there! Bring along your questions and previous experience. We want to hear from you. 

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    Strengthscope Marketing

  • Guest speaker
    Hector Riva-Palacio Managing Director at Helping Reach Potential Ltd

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    Ben Oliver Community Customer Success Manager @ Strengthscope®

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    Toni Marshall Training and Integration Consultant @ Strengthscope

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    Ali Carruthers-Illingworth Purple Pebble People


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