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The benefits of strengths feedback for sustained development

About this event

The first in a series of Strengthscope enablement webinars that will be held quarterly. Designed to provide practical advice and revenue-focused guidance to you, our coaching and consultancy community, with the goal of supporting your business development needs with Strengthscope.

For this webinar, we will focus on ‘The benefits of ‘pulsing’ strengths feedback for sustained development’ to help you, our practitioners, build familiarity with Strengthscope360™ and understand the value to your clients and to the revenue of your business if you adopt a cyclical 360 feedback approach.

Join us virtually on 18 May at 3:00 PM BST to learn the benefits of strengths feedback for sustained development.

What will you learn?

  • Why Strengthscope360™ should be woven into the fabric of your strengths conversations
  • How you can support organisations to build feedback cultures over time
  • How to help clients see the value in strengths feedback and tackle common objections
  • Why ‘pulsing’ feedback over time brings value to both the coach and your coachees
  • How Strengthscope360™ can help secure referrals and repeatable revenue within corporates.

Your hosts will be:

Paul Mehra, Training Consultant at Strengthscope, and Ben Oliver, Community CSM at Strengthscope.

They will be joined by a very special panel guest:

Paul Beal, Managing Director at Insightful Exchange. Paul is an experienced StrengthscopeMaster™ practitioner who frequently uses Strengthscope360™ within leader development programmes.

We’re excited to see you there! Bring along your questions and previous experience of supporting your clients with feedback; we want to hear from you.

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Hosted by

  • Team member
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    Ben Oliver Community Customer Success Manager @ Strengthscope®

  • Team member
    PM T
    Paul Mehra Training Consultant @ Strengthscope

  • Guest speaker
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    Paul Beal Insightful Exchange


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