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Why being authentic is the preferred way of leadership

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Join us for a 30-minute webinar. The conversation with you is about what authentic leadership looks like, how leaders can still achieve their goals and basically gain mastery in navigating from an operational to a human perspective.

The top topic of conversation these days has been around leadership. Can leaders be more themselves and still be a top-notch leader?

Let’s face it, leaders are called to be everything causing overwhelm and stress. It leaves them wondering whether they can be enough. And guess what? You are only enough if you bring your authentic self to work.

In this webinar you will learn,

  • What it means to be an authentic leader and how it can be your best tool
  • How authenticity creates positive results for organisations and their people
  • How strengths and authenticity can work hand-in-hand

The question for many in the HR profession. How can we help to support our leaders to deal with these challenges in a positive way?

Leaders, how can you be enough and still accomplish your goals at work?

See you on Tuesday, 25 January at 3:00PM GMT for a packed leadership conversation.

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    Toni Marshall Training and Integration Consultant @ Strengthscope


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