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How to achieve supply chain sustainability #LikeABosch

About this event

Are you ready to elevate your supply chain sustainability practices? Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring industry leaders as they share insights and best practices on achieving supply chain sustainability. Learn from Bosch’s exemplary approaches and discover how SupplyOn’s ESG Suite can support your sustainability goals.

What You'll Learn:

  • Bosch’s strategies for driving supply chain sustainability
  • Key ESG topics Bosch addresses, with a focus on CBAM
  • Best practices for harmonizing tools and avoiding stakeholder overwhelm
  • How Bosch and SupplyOn collaborate on sustainability initiatives
  • An overview of SupplyOn’s ESG Suite and its benefits

What you will learn:

  • Gain insights into Bosch’s successful sustainability strategies
  • Learn best practices for managing various ESG topics
  • Understand how to harmonize tools to avoid overwhelming stakeholders
  • See how SupplyOn’s ESG Suite can enhance your sustainability initiatives

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  • Guest speaker
    Sunny Chowdhury VP of Business Development ESG @ SupplyOn AG

    Sunny Chowdhury is Vice President of ESG Solutions at SupplyOn. His previous employers include companies like Daato, Munich RE, riskmethods and more that combines his expertise in ESG solutions and Supply Chain Risk. Being able to support enterprise and SMEs to implement ESG and Supply Chain solutions make his understanding relevant in the current ESG climate. Sunny holds a bachelor degree in International Business Management from Anglia Ruskin University from UK.

  • Guest speaker
    Dr. Thomas Schulte Senior Vice President @ Bosch

    Dr. Thomas Schulte is Senior Vice President at BOSCH. Over the last 20 years, he has held various international operative & strategic roles within research, supply chain and purchasing. Based upon his experience, he has shaped Bosch Supply Chain Management Purchasing. Besides implementing award winning approaches for supply chain sustainability, his focus is set on functional excellence, enabling transition, and solutions for competitive, resilient supply chains.

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