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The Food Cost Reduction Secrets Of Successful Multi-Branch Restaurants

About this event

Restaurant food costs represent an average of 30% of a restaurant’s expenses.

This means that reducing it by just a couple of percentage points could increase your bottom line significantly.

Learn the mindset, tips, and best practices that the most successful multi-branch restaurants adopt to keep their food cost under control in just 30 minutes.

Here's what we'll cover :

  1. Why Cutting Food Costs Is Hard
  2. The Mindset Of Successful F&B Businesses
  3. Tips & Best Practices On Reducing Food Costs
  4. How Inventory Software Can Help

Our speaker, Jean-Philippe Serhal will share the insights we've gathered over the years working with more than 2,000 leading F&B businesses so that you can boost your bottom line today.

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    Jean-Philippe Serhal Sr Product Marketing Manager @ Supy


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