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People centricity in WFM - taking a balanced approach

About this event

Join us for a 30-minute live webinar with Dan Smitley, a leading voice in Workforce Management, on "People-Centricity in WFM: Taking a Balanced Approach." Discover innovative strategies for integrating employee well-being into your workforce management practices, ensuring a more productive and harmonious workplace.

In this session, Dan will cover:

Expanding our definition of WFM: Understanding WFM beyond just optimising staff for profitability and service levels to include meeting employee needs as an essential component of the equation.

Slowing down to listen: The critical importance of slowing down to truly understand employee needs through curiosity-driven conversations and active listening to both management and frontline employees.

Maintaining a balanced approach: The necessity of balancing employee needs with those of the business and customers, ensuring that no stakeholder's needs overshadow the others for sustainable and effective workforce management.

Prepare to be inspired by Dan's insights on creating a truly people-centric WFM approach that benefits employees, customers, and the business alike.

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  • Guest speaker
    Dan Smitley WFM Expert

    As an experienced public speaker and thought leader, I am passionate about leveraging workforce management, contact center operations, strategic thinking, project planning, and data analytics to help companies, customers, and front-line employees succeed. I have a proven ability to ask the right questions and ensure continual innovation and intentional decision-making.

  • Team member
    Natasha Ratanshi-Stein CEO @ Surfboard

    Founder & CEO of Surfboard. Previously Chief of Staff at Bulb where scaling customer service was a key challenge. Prior to Bulb, I was a venture capitalist after starting my career at Goldman Sachs.



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