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Don’t Let Bad Data Kill the Planet: How to Create Accurate Sustainability Insights

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On-Demand Webinar

It’s time for a conscious conversation about sustainability data 🌍 What should we feed our sustainability systems with, and what output are we expecting? How do we prevent ‘shitty data in, shitty data out’ from happening?

In a good ol’ case of learning from past mistakes and experiences, join Maria Svantemark and Micaela Quesada as they dive into the topic “Don’t Let Bad Data Kill the Planet: How to Create Accurate Sustainability Insights”, drawing insights from their past experiences as sustainability managers, as well as from their current work with helping SustainLab customers in their sustainability journeys.

In this live and interactive webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with sustainability data
  • Common problems with data management and how to solve them
  • What analyses should we be making now, and in the future, with our data?
  • Best practices for how to approach sustainability data management

We'll wrap up the webinar with a live Q&A, so be sure to join in the conversation!

Can't attend the live event? No problem – register for the webinar anyway and we'll send a recording afterward.

See you! 👋

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    Maria Svantemark CEO & Co-founder @ SustainLab

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    Micaela Quesada


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