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Sweet Pee! An update of Diabetes in the (fat) cat

About this event

Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrinopathy in cats, especially middle-aged, overweight and under-active cats. Diabetes in cats differs in the pathophysiology from canine diabetes and these cats can present some unique challenges. It is important to consider feline diabetes as a potentially reversible condition, and cats can go into remission (temporary or permanent remission) if their diabetes is recognised and treated early. In this lecture Vanessa will discuss the unique features of feline diabetes, the diagnosis, treatment and management of these patients.

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  • Guest speaker
    Vanessa McClure BVSc (Hons), MMedVet (Med), (University of Pretoria)

    Vanessa was a high school teacher for 5 years before she changed paths to study veterinary medicine. She is now a Senior lecturer and clinician in the Companion Animal Clinical Studies Department, Faculty of Veterinary Science.