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Selecting Your Drug Database and Clinical Decision Support Solution

About this event

Join Clement Goehrs, MD, MSc, Co-founder & CEO, and Amandine Caekaert, Business developer at Synapse Medicine to learn how to choose the right drug database and clinical decision support solution for your health tech product.

  • Discover the essential factors to consider when selecting a drug database.
  • Explore Synapse Platform's comprehensive drug data thanks to a single API.
  • Learn how our clinical decision support components can help your healthcare professionals.

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    Clement Goehrs CEO

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    Amandine Caekaert Business Developer @ Synapse Medicine

Synapse Medicine

Reliable Drug Information

At Synapse Medicine, we believe in medication success, and are dedicated to creating the technology that makes it possible for everyone.

To achieve this goal, we have built an extensive global knowledge base for medication using algorithms to ensure the most reliable, up-to-date data.