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How to screen and hire great developers?

About this event

➡️ Hiring developers? This webinar is for you! 🎯

When you’re hiring a software developer, simply reviewing a resume and a portfolio isn’t enough. The only way to check if a candidate is really qualified is to test their skills and evaluate their expertise. 🧐

But how to do that if you have no coding knowledge? 🤔

Does it mean you have to get developer experts involved? Ask them to prepare, conduct and then evaluate each of your candidates? 

Heck no! There is a much better way. 🙂

Our guest speaker Željko Švedić, cofounder of TestDome and author of an Evidence-Based Hiring book will explain how you can apply a new, scientific approach to hiring and detect the top candidates other companies are missing.

➡️ Even if you’re a non-techie, you can confidently and successfully screen and hire great developers. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to screen software developers?
  • Pros and cons of different developer testing methods
  • When in the interview process to test developers?
  • How to provide a great candidate experience?
  • Automated testing: tips and tricks.

📅 Join us on January 21st at 2 PM CET

⏺️ Make sure you save your seat even if you can't attend live because all registrants will get the webinar recording.

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