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Some Like it Hot! Data That is...

About this webinar

Some Like it Hot! Data that is...

We're excited to produce the first partnered webinar between Imply and Tallan!

Imply is a real-time stream analytics platform that allows customers to store, query, and visualize event driven data. Imply is built around Apache Druid, a widely-adopted open source, real-time analytics database developed to support streaming ingest and sub-second ad-hoc queries at scale.

Data is quickly being commoditized, understanding how to leverage what you have at your disposal is invaluable! What is Hot Analytics? It’s data that is fast, fresh, and for all. What we mean by “fast” is interactive ad hoc queries with sub-second query response times. In this webinar, Imply and Tallan will explain why Hot Data is necessary to support what your business needs in relation to real-time analytics for the ‘analytics experience’ that will keep you ahead of your competition!

Throughout the course of 45 minutes, experts will explain the Imply platform, provide a demo of the user-experience, and dive into use cases and real-world examples of 'why Imply.'

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    Adam Worobec Tallan

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    Tallan Marketing Tallan Events @ Tallan

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    Ryan Clark Sr. Practice Manager, Cloud Technologies @ Tallan

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    Rommel Garcia Imply


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