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Water Utility Data Management 2.0

About this webinar

Water Utility Data Management: 2.0

We're back, and this time we have a special guest!

Join Brian Sampson, Managing Director at Tallan, Jared Brown, VP of Data and Analytics at Tallan, and Tom Kuczynski, CIO at the DC Water and Sewer Authority for a live webinar to highlight the solution for your public water authority data management.

We’re lucky enough to have Tom, a renowned, forward thinking innovator, give his insight on using what Tallan built, and taking internal, next steps to advance DC Waters’ analytics experience and improve the ‘state of industry.’

In just 45 minutes, we will review:

  • The Tallan and DC Water partnership, how we started, and how its grown
  • The modern Data Estate we designed to manage and report on your data (and we mean industry-specific, like GIS, SCADA, AMI and more).
  • we've got demos for you, so you can see everything in action
  • How DC Water was able to "empower the enterprise" and leverage the infrastructure Tallan built to strategically create an auditable, reliable data source to proactively solve problems.

Our solution serves as the infrastructure for reporting, analytics, and predictive analytics while integrating with EAM systems, and ERP data. A Machine Learning model works toward predicting water main breaks to save on capital, and help budget forecasting and capital planning. As your priorities shift and grow, so does this solution.

Join us on October 2nd to get a glimpse into the future of Water Authority data management. Can’t make it live? Register anyway and we’ll give you the recording to review at your leisure.

If you have any questions in the meantime, or are curious about any specific part of Tallan’s Water Analytics solution, please visit our page at https://www.tallan.com/water-analytics/ or email events@tallan.com to learn more.

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    Adam Worobec Tallan

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    Thomas Kuczynski DC Water

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