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Share the Truth in Love: The Church's Answer to "Pride"

About this event

June has become a month many Catholics approach with dread, or even despair, as the world celebrates and promotes disordered sexual desires and actions. Whether it's the rainbow treatment many corporations lend to their logos or the special programs playing over your children's regular shows, it feels like we are bombarded with inappropriate and promiscuous messages everywhere we turn.

Though this is difficult for all Catholics to handle, it is especially hard for those who are dealing with this topic in their homes every day. Maybe it's someone in your family, such as a child, cousin, or sibling, or maybe it's someone you encounter in your daily life, such as a friend or coworker. While responding to society is one thing, it is an entirely different struggle to respond to people you care about and know. When they feel strongly that their ideas about gender and sexuality define who they are, your acceptance can be interpreted as a measure of how much you love them.

To help Catholics approach this conversation with both truth and charity, we at TAN Books are dedicating this month's Roundtable to the topic of "Speak the Truth in Love: The Church's Answer to "Pride"". Through our discussion, we will share what the Church teaches about sexuality, and gender, and why following these teachings is what enables people to find the greatest peace and happiness, even if it requires sacrifice.

We want to enable you to walk away from our conversation with greater confidence in what you believe and why you believe it. We will also equip you with helpful talking points to have these conversations, both with other Catholics and with those who are living contrary to these teachings.

We hope you will join us for this important discussion!

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    John Clark

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    Michael Hichborn

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    Sarah Gronemus

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    Mary Harrell Publicist @ TAN Books

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    Noah Vertefeuille

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    Jennifer Morse, PhD

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