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The TAN Roundtable: Did the St. Gallen Mafia Impact the Papacy of Benedict XVI?

About this event

Did the St. Gallen Mafia force Pope Benedict XVI to retire? In today's TAN Talks, authors Joseph Pearce and Julia Meloni will be debating this puzzling question among other topics as well as talking about their new releases:  Benedict XVI and The St. Gallen Mafia. Hosted by TAN publicist, Krista Thomas, TAN Talks is a must-see program. Learn about what inspired the authors to write their books, The St. Gallen Mafia's goals and why they wish to halt the Traditional Latin Mass, and why Pope Benedict XVI is a defender of the Faith.

TAN TALKS is a new initiative by TAN Books, which airs on the second Thursday of every month. In these inspiring talks, you will gain personal access to our authors concerning the most pressing topics impacting the Church and the world. Hear their insights and be fortified in your Catholic Faith!  

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    Mary Harrell Publicist @ TAN Books

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    Julia Meloni

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    Joseph Pearce

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