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The TAN Roundtable: Communism and the Catholic Church

About this event

One of the greatest threats to the Catholic Church and our world is Communism. 

Learn about Communism's diabolical roots and its manifestations in today's world, especially as it seeks to undermine the Catholic Church and the United States. What does the Church say about Communism and how did her leaders like Venerable Fulton Sheen stand up to Communism? Why did Bella Dodd, one of Communism's greatest champions, escape this party of death? Above all, how can we protect our Church and families from this satanic scourge through a life of penance and prayer, especially devotion to the Holy Face? 

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  • Guest speaker
    Father Lawrence Carney

  • Guest speaker
    Julia Meloni

  • Guest speaker
    Paul Kengor, PhD

  • Team member
    Mary Harrell Publicist @ TAN Books

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