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Product Focus: Introducing Konnect Insights, the social media management platform.

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Following Tangrams partnership with Konnect Insights, in this weeks webinar, Carl Witton, Partner and Chief Growth Officer @ Tangram, together with Sameer Narkar, Founder and Chief Software Architect @ Konnect Insights will take you though the key features on the system, how it is used by brands and agencies alike, how it centralises customer and community management, supporting best-in-class customer engagement online.

Konnect Insights offers a unified platform for brands and their agencies: Social Listening, Online Reputation, Social CRM, Social Analytics, Publishing, Surveys, BI Tools, Crisis Management – tools that help you build a stronger community.

How can you benefit - If you are a brand who is being talked about online then Konnect Insights will help you understand all the conversations in one easy to use dashboard and it will also help you with most complex analytics in simplest form. You can also measure all your social channels and that of your competitors

We look forward to taking you through this clever tool, we will be offering a 30 day supported trial to all attendees.

- We generally give a 14 day trial, but we kindly offer a 1 month trial to all the attendees

- We will provide free consultation of setting up and using the tool with

- We will offer members of the attendees team who wish to learn how to use the solution

And don't worry if you cannot join live, sign up to watch on demand when you have more time.

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  • Guest speaker
    Sameer Narkar Founder and Chief Software Architect @ Konnect Insights

    What we do - We offer a SaaS product Konnect Insights which is a leading social listening and analytics platform used by many top brands and agencies Why Konnect Insights is loved by our users? - because of it’s great coverage, beautiful dashboards, all-in-one capabilities and easy-to-use tool.

  • Team member
    Carl Witton Partner & Chief Growth Officer @ Tangram

    Partner & Chief Growth Officer @ TANGRAM - Enabling Advertising, Digital & Creative Agencies move successfully forward on their Resource, PMO, Finance, Cloud & Digital Transformation initiatives - Crypto Enthusiast.


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