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GPT-5 and Beyond: Trends, Predictions, and the Impact on the Future of the Job Market

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The objective of this webinar, hosted by Tarjama, is to delve into the revolutionary impact of AI and machine learning on your role in the future. We will explore how AI and language models are reshaping companies, governments, individuals, and their future planning!

Join us to witness the transformation of businesses and discover cutting-edge technologies that enable companies become at the forefront of the language translation revolution and the journey we embarked on in machine translation (MT) development.

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  • Team member
    Habiba Waleed Senior Product Marketing Officer @ Tarjama

  • Guest speaker
    Matt C Smith Tech Broadcaster, Author & Olympic Team Athlete

    Matt is a former Venture Capitalist and 2x unicorn investor, turned exited-founder and Author of the Startup Buzzword Dictionary. Today, he is better known for his energetic, entertaining and educational performances as an acclaimed speaker, host and broadcaster. Fun fact, Matt represents South Africa in XC Skiing and lives in Oslo, training for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

  • Guest speaker
    Morteza Ibrahimi Former tech lead and manager and Adjunct lecturer @ DeepMind Googlr - Stanford University

    Morteza Ibrahimi is an AI researcher, university lecturer, and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in various technology companies in Silicon Valley. He specializes in reinforcement learning and uncertainty estimation in deep learning models, with his recent research focusing on fine-tuning large language models using reinforcement learning. In addition to his research, Morteza teaches reinforcement learning at Stanford University. Morteza has held several prominent positions throughout his career, including founding engineer at Urban Engines (acquired by Google), co-founder of Axlepia (an AI for healthcare intervention startup), tech lead of the pricing team at Lyft, and director of Data Science at Workera. He has also worked on Google’s Ads and Youtube teams and most recently served as the tech lead and engineering manager of the DeepMind research team in Mountain View, California.

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