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Key trends and changes in recruitment for 2024

About this event

Are you ready to tackle the world of recruitment in 2024?

We invite you to watch our first partner webinar on demand.

This webinar is hosted together with MeetFrank, an IT headhunting app where talented candidates are waiting for 100s of recruiters to approach them with relevant job offers. MeetFrank's co-founder, Kaarel Holm, will join us and share insights and trends they have seen in tech hiring.

🎤 🤩Vanessa Raath, The Talent Hunter, will share TOP3 recruitment trends of 2023 and make expert predictions for 2024.

Recruitment is an ever-evolving field, and staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. This webinar will give you a glimpse into what's on the horizon for 2024, offering valuable insights to help you adapt and thrive in the changing landscape. We will analyse what happened in recruitment in 2023 and see how it will affect the future.

Here's what you can expect:

✅ Expert analysis of emerging trends in talent acquisition and HR from three perspectives - recruitment software, recruitment marketplace and global recruiter.

✅ Predictions on the impact of technology, AI and automation on recruitment

✅ Strategies for attracting and retaining top talent in the increasingly competitive job market

✅ Case studies showcasing organizations that have successfully embraced these changes

Our distinguished panel of speakers brings extensive knowledge and expertise in recruitment trends, ensuring you receive the latest information and actionable takeaways to stay ahead in the coming year.

📧 Register to watch it on demand and gain a competitive edge in your talent acquisition efforts for 2024.

SPEAKERS (Follow Teamdash on LinkedIn for more details):

Kaarel Holm, co-founder of MeetFrank

MeetFrank is a hiring platform that matches job offers from top companies with job-seekers around the globe. More than 300,000 job-seekers are using the MeetFrank app to get job offers. Their mission is to bring transparency to the job market and help talented people be aware of and find exciting opportunities in top companies.

Vanessa Raath, The Talent Hunter

Vanessa is globally renowned for her contributions to the international Sourcing Community. She has delivered keynotes across three continents and trained teams from Auckland to Seattle.

Vanessa launched her Talent Sourcing Training business in early 2019 and has not looked back. She is a qualified teacher with experience in agency recruiting and internal talent acquisition (she loved both roles!). She now gets to combine her love of empowering others to do better with her passion for recruiting through her own Online Academy.

She loves it when her training delegates experience that ‘light bulb’ moment as she knows she has just changed someone’s career for the better.

When Vanessa is not doing research for her training, recording content, or delivering a Keynote, you can find her taking photographs at the beach or in the South African Bushveld.

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