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Your path to enterprise AI

About this event

Speaker :

Grant Case - Director of sales Engineering - Dataiku

TeamWork is pleased to invite you to its partner Dataiku on-demand webinar !

To succeed in the world’s rapidly evolving ecosystem, companies (no matter what their industry or size) must use data to continuously develop more innovative operations, processes, and products. This means embracing the shift to Enterprise AI, using the power of machine learning to enhance - not replace - humans.

In this webinar, we will discover:

  • How Dataiku brings ease and efficiency to everyone in the data-to-insights process.
  • How DSS help analysts shorten time to insights and advance towards machine learning.
  • How stakeholders from different teams can work together on the same platform.

Finally, allow companies to move along their data journey from simple analytics to enterprise AI.

You can find out this and much more in our exclusive webinar !

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