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2019: The year of the challenger bank

About this webinar

2019 is shaping up to be the year of the challenger bank. N26, Revolut, Chime, Monzo -- all have raised large rounds of capital to compete for new customers. They’ve created apps that millions of their customers love using. And in 2019, competition is heating up.

Revolut and N26 have their sights set on U.S. banking licenses. US-based Chime has opened two million fee-free online checking accounts and is adding more customers each month than Wells Fargo or Citibank.

Join us to learn about what these players have in store and where the future of banking is heading.

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  • Guest speaker
    Nicolas Kopp US CEO @ N26

    CEO @N26USA #fintech

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Britt Co-founder, CEO @ Chime

    founder & ceo @Chime

  • Guest speaker
    Dan Westgarth North America General Manager @ Revolut

  • Team member
    Zack Miller Editor in chief @ Tearsheet

    Founder and editor in chief at Tearsheet. Zack's been building fintech firms for the past 15 years (Lending Club, Seeking Alpha, OurCrowd, Behalf, WEEL).


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