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Tearsheet invites you to their webinar

What top small business lenders are doing to drive growth in 2019

About this webinar

Scaling a small business lender isn't easy.

Tearsheet has invited the leaders of 3 top SMB lenders to discuss market trends and how they're continuing to scale their businesses.

This webinar is intended to be a state of the industry-type event, focusing on how top lenders service today's SMB borrower with technology and services.

We'll cover the following topics:

  • the changing face of the SMB borrower
  • the rise of Pay Later products
  • the role of partnerships in growing an SMB lender
  • the challenges and opportunities of building a big brand in the space

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    LV G
    Luke Voiles Business leader, QuickBooks Capital @ Intuit

  • Guest speaker
    RF G
    Rob Frohwein Co-founder, Kabbagehead @ Kabbage

    Family first. Stay curious. If you ain’t busy being born, you’re busy dying. Kabbagehead. http://www.kabbage.com

  • Guest speaker
    EL G
    Eyal Lifshitz Founder, CEO @ BlueVine

    Founder @ BlueVine.

  • Team member
    Zack Miller Editor in chief @ Tearsheet

    Founder and editor in chief at Tearsheet. Zack's been building fintech firms for the past 15 years (Lending Club, Seeking Alpha, OurCrowd, Behalf, WEEL).


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