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To The Point: Crossing Borders (lessons on scaling abroad successfully)

About this event

In line with our new content hub on all things market expansion and internationalisation, Crossing Borders, we're keen to explore how European tech startups can best scale up abroad whilst avoiding the numerous pitfalls that come with it.

Expanding your startup into new markets is an exciting part of the growth process. Whether founders are looking at modest expansion into a neighbouring country, or have set their sights on cracking a major global economy, the logistics, rules, regulations, cultural differences, and scale of financial investment can be daunting.

Learn from the best - founders who've expanded their businesses across their domestic borders, recruitment specialists who know the ins and outs of hiring processes, policy experts who can tell you what to take into account from a regulatory perspective when it comes to expanding internationally, investors who've guided their portfolio companies in their market expansion plans, etc.

First confirmed speaker(s):

  • David Bizer, founder and CEO of Talent Fountain, a boutique consulting firm focused on talent acquisition, talent management and startup culture. David’s experience originates at the very epicenter of web technology, starting his career at Netscape working with Marc Andreessen, and he was the first recruiter at Google in Europe, building out the organisation from 100 to over 5,000 employees in 7 years.
  • Dominic Jacquesson from Index Ventures, where he works with founders on organisational and people issues. Dominic has written three books on scaling startups: Two are guides to international expansion - Expanding into Europe, and Expanding to the US. The third, Rewarding Talent, is the playbook for European entrepreneurs using stock options.

More soon, but you can already register for this free event!

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