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TEDxUniversityofLuxembourg invites you to their webinar

TEDxUniversityofLuxembourg 2020 - DAY 5 (Friday)

About this webinar

This year's TEDxUniversityofLuxembourg event will be part of the global COUNTDOWN initiative launched by TED and Future Stewards to tackle the climate crisis, and is complementary to TED’s own online COUNTDOWN event on 10 October 2020.

The goal of our TEDx event will be to identify compelling responses to the following questions:

  • Power: How rapidly can we move to 100% clean energy?
  • Built environment: How can we re-engineer the stuff that surrounds us?
  • Transport: How do we transform the ways we move?
  • Food: How can we spark a worldwide shift to healthier food systems?
  • Nature: How extensively can we re-green the earth?
  • Finance: How do we finance the transition towards a sustainable future?
  • Motivation: How do we motivate people to change their everyday behaviours?

We will be hosting 5 ONLINE EVENING SESSIONS (starting at 18:30 each day) with original talks and performances during the week of 12-16 October 2020.

For more information on the programme, speakers and performers please visit the TEDxUniversityofLuxembourg website.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    BR G
    Bob Reuter TEDx Organizer @ University of Luxembourg

  • Guest speaker
    Marleen de Kramer

  • Guest speaker
    AK G
    Andrea Klein TEDx Team Member @ University of Luxembourg

  • Team member
    TEDxUniversityofLuxembourg 2020

  • Guest speaker
    MK G
    Mara Kroth Host @ University of Luxembourg