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Who’s Winning inside Vodafone: Unveiling TelcoX Brand and Trend Research Programme Wave 1

About this event

An introduction to a new research programme focused on what’s top of mind for Vodafone decision-makers and influencers. Participants will hear who Vodafone leaders consider ‘movers and shakers’ in the supplier universe, their perceptions of their brand strengths and weaknesses, and the key technology and business focus areas Vodafone execs consider important going forward.

Specific TelcoX topics include:

  1. Overview of the research scope, Vodafone participant profile and brands involved
  2. Inside view of the important industry drivers and trends top of mind for Vodafone execs
  3. Early look at the Wave 1 2021 Vodafone supplier brand performance in key areas:
  4. Telcoverse: Traditional telco and network suppliers
  5. Techverse: Software and IT solutions providers
  6. Dataverse: Providers of data-centric solutions
  7. Analysis from TelcoTitans experts on Vodafone’s regard for suppliers and their solutions, and what vendors need to do to improve their standing inside Vodafone
  8. Preview of the TelcoX sponsorship programme for Wave 2 (early 2022)


  1. TelcoX Programme Introduction
  2. Summary of the Wave 1 2021 Findings
  3. Expert Analysis and Commentary on the Impact of the Results
  4. Introduction to Wave 2 2022 and the Sponsorship Programme
  5. Next Steps for Suppliers


  • Matt Leary – Senior Associate and Head of Custom, TelcoTitans
  • George Davidson – Senior Associate and Head of Research, TelcoTitans
  • Alex Birkhead – Editorial Director, TelcoTitans
  • Tim Lamb – Commercial Director, TelcoTitans


Matt Leary – a 20+ year veteran sales and marketing consultant, Matt leads custom account strategy and ABM efforts for TelcoTitans clients. From his early days at Telecommunications magazine to his current work with TelcoTitans, Matt has helped over 40 IT, software and telecom firms improve their performance through a range of award-winning strategy, consulting and training programs, which he has delivered in 42 countries.

George Davidson - George Davidson is an experienced insights and market researcher helping clients understand how their company is seen by their customers. George has worked with great B2B and B2C brands including Netflix, McDonald's and Costa Coffee. George is passionate about helping clients unlock growth by managing their customers' perceptions.

Alex Birkhead - Alex Birkhead is a co-founder and executive analyst at TelcoTitans, a top-rated provider of research-led insight into the world's major telecoms players. Throughout his career, Alex has been pioneering actionable information services for the communications industries, including early embrace of artificial intelligence.

Tim Lamb – Tim has worked with hundreds of Global Account Directors and their Vodafone/Telco account-focused account teams across the entire supplier landscape over the last 20 years helping them ‘win’ inside their Telco customers and move themselves up the value chain. He has also built an enviable network of influencers and decision makers across Vodafone and the other Telcos.

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    Tim Lamb Commercial Director @ TelcoTitans

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    Matt Leary Head of Custom @ TelcoTitans

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    Alex Birkhead Executive Analyst @ TelcoTitans

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    George Davidson Head of Research @ TelcoTitans


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