Ter Hoek Vonkerosie Rijssen BV invites you to their event

Masterclass "Solving Precision Problems using EDM Technologies"

About this event

Claim your spot now! At the end of this 2-hour Masterclass "Solving Precision Problems using EDM Technologies" you understand all the unique EDM possibilities and can use specific EDM features to enhance your designs, keep the costs as low as possible, and speed up your development process.

During this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to reach tolerances as low as 1 micron, so your process becomes even more stable and results repeatable;
  • How EDM can be used to create extremely smooth surfaces, so you can minimize the heat effected layer and reduce the risk of cracks;
  • How EDM reduces surface contamination and can be combined with other techniques like PECM. Now you can reach the highest cleanliness standards and reduce contamination risks even further;
  • How EDM enables you to design small precise features, so you can innovate and push boundaries when you design: leaf springs, deep cavities, really small holes, etc;
  • How EDM gives you a lot more design freedom, compared to manufacturing techniques such as turning and milling, so you can push boundaries and drive innovation.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Mohamed Ali Zerouali

  • Team member
    Marion Slaghuis Marketing @ Ter Hoek Vonkerosie Rijssen BV

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Ter Hoek Vonkerosie Rijssen B.V. is a precision component manufacturer for the high-tech manufacturing industry. Located in Rijssen, the Netherlands, they specialize in advanced machining techniques such as EDM.