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Detecting Differences in Test Patterns

About this event

Using an ordinary text diff tool to detect differences in test patterns can be a time consuming and tedious exercise and you risk being overwhelmed by false positives.

This tutorial takes you through how to quickly and easily compare two instances of the same pattern. It could be two VCD patterns, two STIL patterns etc. but it also shows how you can make comparisons that are impossible using a text diff tool - for example comparing:

  • a VCD pattern with a STIL pattern; or
  • a scan test on the ATE with the output from the ATPG tool.

For anyone who’s used (for example) a Teradyne tester at Wafer Sort and an Advantest ATE at final test – did you ever want to compare the test patterns?

If the answer is 'yes' then it's time to register for this tutorial! :)

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