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Istio Office Hours for AWS Users: Securing Your Application Networks on EKS

About this event

Join us for an exclusive office hours session dedicated to exploring the powerful security capabilities of Istio on Amazon EKS! We will review Istio distros and TSE's cutting-edge service security and zero-trust solution.

Amazon EKS excels at deploying microservices and provides a robust foundation for security. When these components are distributed across multiple clusters, pairing EKS with Istio creates an even more secure and resilient environment, optimizing both operational efficiencies and security measures. Service Mesh acts as a dedicated infrastructure layer for your microservices, offering features like security and observability. Implementing standard Service Mesh solutions like Istio and Envoy is only half the battle, as they also introduce new complexities. This event aims to provide holistic, easy-to-implement solutions for these challenges.

Why Attend:

Running large-scale microservices on Amazon EKS poses unique security challenges. Service Mesh technologies like Istio can help. This event provides targeted practical solutions.


  • Zero Trust in EKS: Implement a Zero Trust model for heightened security
  • Day 2 Security Challenges for EKS Customers: A quick look at why security gets complicated in a distributed setup
  • Istio & Tetrate in EKS: How they simplify EKS security and operations
  • One-Click mTLS: Enable secure service communications effortlessly without the headaches of VPN configuration and certificate management hassles
  • Embedded and protected service identity
  • Granular service-to-service Authorization Policies
  • Service Connectivity: Make your EKS microservices both secure and connected
  • Q&A: Your questions expertly answered

Join us for actionable insights on using Istio and Tetrate products to fortify your Amazon EKS environment. Perfect for EKS users who need to optimize security without the operational headache.

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    Saptak Sen


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