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Service Mesh the Fast Way on Amazon EKS with Tetrate Service Express

About this event

We are excited to announce and give you a peek into Tetrate Service Express, a service connectivity, security and resilience automation solution for Amazon EKS. Join Owen Garrett, Product Lead for Tetrate Service Express, as he gives a deep dive into this innovative tool and its benefits for EKS users who want to run a service mesh based on Istio and Envoy.

Tetrate Service Express offers a management plane on top of open source service mesh components such as Istio and Envoy, optimizing them for easy installation, configuration and operation on AWS. If your team is experimenting with service mesh on AWS and you need to quickly prove the ROI, take a look at Tetrate Service Express. If your team already has a service mesh on a single cluster, but want to extend your mesh to multiple clusters or even regions, Tetrate Service Express is also a great tool for you.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to enforce mTLS with a default "deny all" policy in one step
  • How to achieve failover of services across EKS clusters
  • How to Inspect traffic and traces in near-real-time

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    Owen Garrett Products @ Tetrate, Inc

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    David Wang


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