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Teulo Ed_Acoustic, Thermal, Wastewater, Roofing and Glass_19th September 2023 Part One

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10.15am - 11.15am

Jason Quinn

On behalf of Metro Glass

Talk topic:

Jason Quinn, as his bio states is an ex NASA engineer who was taken aback by the poor housing quality when he moved to NZ. He has a passion for improving home performance in NZ, a motivation sparked by his personal experience of renovating his own home. His business Sustainable Engineering leverages his extensive knowledge and specific modelling data to assist the design community toward better built-in performance when designing homes.  

He takes a very scientific approach to measuring how glass selection affects the overall comfort and dynamics of a house.

Working with Metroglass he has been able to model several different glass options and show how the product will influence performance of the selected home.

Talk topic outline and learning outcomes – How glass selection can affect thermal performance and energy consumption

This presentation explores the technology behind Low-E coated glass, the catalyst reshaping building performance and energy dynamics for living comfort. There is a focus on Solar Heat Gain and the unexpected overheating challenge in homes and buildings, which can be an unintended consequence of the new H1 thermal insulation improvements in the latest code update. This presentation equips architects with insights to curate solutions for varied projects, navigating U-values, SHGC, VLT and colour. The presentation includes Predictive Thermal Modelling by Sustainable Engineering to illustrate the profound impact of diverse glass choices.

Key learnings

Understanding the effects IGU selection has on thermal comfort and solar heat gain, in relation to building types and climate zones

Knowledge of performance difference between double and triple glazing with coated glass incorporated into the units

Understanding the impact on the homeowner when specifying Low E coating onto surface 2 or 3 of a double-glazed unit

11.15am - 12.15pm

Graham Denysschen

Introduce as: Graham Denysschen National Business Manager at Saniflo New Zealand

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