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Teulo Talks + NZ Panel Group + Godfrey Hirst - Sean Ahlquist, Behnaz Farahi + Jenny Sabin- 30 NZIA

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Sean Ahlquist - 9am - 10am


Sean Ahlquist is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan in the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and part of the Cluster in Computational Media and Interactive Systems which connects architecture with the fields of material science, computer science, and performing arts technology. Ahlquist's research combines material experimentation with new modes of interdisciplinary collaboration in order to study the relationships between design, environment and human experience. Collaborations with behavioral science, education and the arts explore the relationships between human behavior and material responsivity, addressing architecture’s pressing need to provide inclusivity for populations that are hyper-aware of the environmental complexities of social activities and civic environments. 

Ahlquist’s talk will discuss the design and experimentation with sensorially-responsive environments for children with autism spectrum disorder, and the origins of the work which combines experiences with his daughter and research in textile engineering and industrial knit manufacturing. The work explores a novel use of advanced material research, fabrication and computational design to shift the definition of architecture from the domain of the auteur to that of its inhabitants. The presentation intends to provide avenues by which the rarely considered topics of accessibility and inclusion, equity and neurodiversity can be addressed within this technically-oriented field of architectural research. 

Behnaz Farahi - 10am - 11am


Architect and designer 

Behnaz Farahi is a designer, creative technologist and critical maker working at the intersection of fashion, architecture and interactive design. Trained as an architect, she explores the potential of interactive environments and their relationship to the human body.Her goal is to enhance the interaction between human beings and the built environment by following morphological, and behavioral principles inspired by natural systems. Her work addresses critical issues such as emotion, bodily perception and social interaction. She specializes in computational design, interactive technologies, additive manufacturing and digital fabrication technologies.

Jenny Sabin 11am - 12pm

Founder + Architectural Designer 

Jenny Sabin Studio 


Jenny E. Sabin is an architectural designer whose work is at the forefront of a new direction for 21st century architectural practice — one that investigates the intersections of architecture and science, and applies insights and theories from biology and mathematics to the design of material structures. Sabin is the Arthur L. and Isabel B. Wiesenberger Professor in Architecture and the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Architecture at Cornell University where she established a new advanced research degree in Matter Design Computation.


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