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Teulo Talks: The Metaverse and BIM: Part Two - 20 May 2022

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11.30am - 12.30pm 

Design Bitches

BIO: Catherine & Rebecca are both native Californians and licensed Architects registered with the American Institute of Architects.  Catherine received her MArch from SCI-Arc and her BIARC from the University of Oregon, Rebecca received her MArch from SCI-Arc and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Paris VIII.

TALK TOPIC: LA Design scene.

Catherine and Rebecca will discuss their design practice and focus on their current projects and specifically around the LA Design scene. Each design Design Bitches transforms a collage of influences into architecture that is beautiful and layered with meaning, but also welcoming—spaces and landscapes where people want to hang out.

12.30pm - 1.30pm 

Drew Gilbert 

Design Manager at OBM International |LEED GA | Assoc. AIA

TALK TOPIC: "Shaping the New Typology of Architecture in the Metaverse : Designing the Virtual World and Transforming Opportunities to the Real World"

Drew Gilbert, OBMI Design Manager, shares how the capabilities for storytelling, communication, and tools within the design process are grabbing the interest of creatives and professionals alike. Looking forward to sharing some design and collaborative spaces soon.

What is the metaverse? In short, it’s a virtual reality version of the internet, a hypothesized version in which users can engage with one another in a fully connected virtual space that is decentralized, and co-created.

The metaverse could transform the way we interact online, how brands communicate, and how we experience events like live concerts, and sports. 

Clients are becoming more interested in augmented reality, spatial computing, machine learning and game engines— these technologies are some of the parts from which the metaverse will form. 

Technology is a tool for storytelling, there are more tools available in the design process and we will have the ability to see the design results very early in the process which is a big advantage for both the designer and the client.

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