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Teulo Talks_19 March 2021_Studio Naaro + Thomas Bagnoli

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9am - 10am

Studio Naaro

Talk topic: 'Communicating Innovative Architectural Photography"

Marcela Spadaro is Co-Founder of Naaro, a London based architectural photography studio focused on creating inspiring visual narratives of innovative architecture around the world.

Naaro believes that every architectural project is unique and adapts their creative approach and storytelling techniques to the distinctiveness of each individual project to bring out its characteristics at its best. This could be either through striking photography or moving images or through a combination of both.

The studio’s vision is the result of founders Freya Najade and Marcela Spadaro’s combined expertise. Freya is an award-winning photographer whose strength lies within the documentation of the social and built environment. Marcela trained as an architect and prior to co-founding Naaro, worked for over 10 years at the forefront of innovative architecture with Zaha Hadid Architects. Freya and Marcela’s complementary skills and unique combination of backgrounds allow them to approach each project in new creative multifaceted ways.

Publishers & Publications featuring Naaro’s photographs include: The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Thames & Hudson, Phaidon, Domus, Wallpaper, ICON, Architectural Digest, GA, Elle Decoration & Surface Magazine, among others.

10am - 11am

Thomas Bagnoli

Designer @ Zaha Hadid Architects

Talk topic: MArch Material System Research and applications, personal works and personal research

Thomas is interested in design and material manipulation in the architectural design process.

He is focused on his personal research from a couple of years on digital fabrication and material experimentation blending it with different fields and personal interests like design, architecture, art, music, photography and movies.

Thomas is fascinated by the relationship between the human experience within architecture spaces and how materiality is involved whenever we experience those spaces through our senses. But mostly how materiality can be the main factor of the design approach and how it can affect the body.

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