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Want to know how pore pressure estimation from seismic can lead to greater drilling success?

About this webinar

It is always vital to understand variations in reservoir pressure prior to drilling wells. It has long been known that tight onshore reservoirs are variably pressured with depth, while the lateral pressure changes can occur within a short distance of the borehole. Products from pre-stack inversions, together with well and pressure information obtained during drilling and production, are the main drivers in performing a successful pressure prediction.

Unfortunately, the quality of underlying seismic data processing can have a significant impact on outcomes, particularly as onshore seismic data carries significant processing challenges.

Marianne Rauch, Ph.D, Principal Technical Advisor Multi-client, onshore, TGS will be offering her perspective on this topic, particularly how the latest technologies can guide geo-steering, help determining landing zones, assist in deciding on final drilling locations and prevent drilling issues caused by unknown high pressure cells. Specifically, you can hear about:

  • A.I.-driven analysis using seismic-derived statistics
  • Enhance reservoir pressure understanding
  • Insights into the impact of pressure on drilling and production
  • Machine learning to determine landing zones and final drilling locations

Whether you're involved in onshore or offshore processing, or well data analysis, Marianne’s webinar will provide an excellent insight into the impact of reservoir pressure on drilling and production.

The webinar presentation by Marianne will last 20 minutes. This will be followed by a Q&A session of around 10 minutes. You can post questions in the chat box during the presentation itself and these will be answered in the Q&A, along with any further audience questions.

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