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Crypto Regulation in Practice- Brought to you by Eventus

About this event

Exchanges, financial institutions, and other innovative crypto businesses are building ways to ready themselves for regulation. Even though government action globally remains unclear, entrepreneurs are moving fast to build new business models, and large institutions are preparing for more investment into crypto.

Host: Aislinn Keely


  • Mike Castiglione, Eventus, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Digital Assets
  • Jai Massari- Lightspark, CLO
  • Matt Lisle- Galaxy Digital, Director, Legal
  • Rachel Barnett- IEX, Chief Legal Officer
  • Ryne Miller- FTX, General Council

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    JM G
    Jai Massari Lightspark @ CLO

  • Guest speaker
    RB G
    Rachel Barnett IEX @ Chief Legal Officer

  • Guest speaker
    Aislinn Keely The Block

  • Guest speaker
    RM G
    Ryne Miller General Council @ FTX

  • Team member
    The Block

  • Guest speaker
    MC G
    Mike Castiglione Director of Regulatory Affairs, Digital Assets @ Eventus

  • Guest speaker
    ML G
    Matt Lisle Director, Legal @ Galaxy Digital

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