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How to Strengthen and Invest in your Team in Crypto Winter- Brought to you by ForUsAll

About this event

In an environment of economic uncertainty, it is vital that companies approach relationships with employees more carefully. In this webinar, we discuss how crypto companies are navigating the challenges in today's job market and how organizations can find opportunities to support employees.

Hosted by Dean Shtainhorn


David Ramirez- Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer, ForUsAll

Brittany Blumenthal- VP of People, The Block

Rob Paone- Founder & CEO, Proof of Talent

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  • Guest speaker
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    Dean Shtainhorn The Scoop, Producer @ The Block

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    Brittany Blumenthal VP of People @ The Block

  • Guest speaker
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    David Ramirez Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer @ ForUsAll

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    The Block

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    Rob Paone Proof of Talent @ Founder & CEO

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