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ShowEast & The Coca-Cola Company

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A Look At 2021

A Celebratory On-Line Experience to Promote the Upcoming Box Office Season.

Wednesday, December 9 - 2 PM Eastern Standard Time


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  • Guest speaker
    WA G
    William Andino FilmExpo

  • Guest speaker
    BG G
    Barbara Grieninger Film Expos

  • Guest speaker
    JS G
    Jordan Scherzer Film Expo Group

  • Guest speaker
    MB G
    Madeline Blank Film Expos

  • Guest speaker
    AS G
    Andrew Sunshine

  • Guest speaker
    DB G
    Dawn Blaschick Film Expos

  • Guest speaker
    Robert Sunshine Film Expo Group

  • Team member
    Daniel Loria SVP Content Strategy & Editorial Director @ Boxoffice Pro