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Company culture as a social movement - How to lead one

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The Chalfont Project is delighted to invite you to our next webinar: Company culture as a social movement - How to lead one.

·     People’s management is people’s mobilisation, not engagement

·     From employees to activists in the payroll

·     ‘A company of volunteers’ as the ultimate goal

·     Leadership for collective action, not individual, is the new engine


Learn some simple strategies to keep your organisation moving in the right direction and ready to face the challenges of a rapidly evolving future.

On Thursday 22th of June at 15:30 BST (10:30 EST, 07:30PST) Dr. Leandro Herrero, bestselling author of Homo Imitansand Viral Change and CEO of thechalfontproject.com, will share ideas about treating corporate culture as a social movement. This is not just a concept but it has significant implications for management and leadership. The social movement provides the platform, amongst other things, for organisational cohesiveness, strong brand identification, and a real sense of 'belonging' for employees.


All attendees will receive a recording of the session, the slides, and a chance to win a copy of Dr. Herrero latest book, Homo Imitans.

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  • Team member
    Akiro Semtei-Rotundo Senior Consultant @ The Chalfont Project

    Akiro is a Venezuelan-Hungarian professional educated in Venezuela and in the US at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. Akiro is a very dynamic, fast thinking professional who brings a very fresh view of the world from his experiences as an expat.

  • Guest speaker
    DH G
    Dr. Leandro Herrero CEO @ The Chalfont Project

    Dr Leandro Herrero is the CEO, Chief Organization Architect and lead designer of the products and services of The Chalfont Project. He is the pioneer of Viral Change, a people Mobilizing Platform in organizations, a methodology that delivers large scale behavioural and cultural change.

The Chalfont Project

The Chalfont Project is a firm of Organization Architects focused on creating cutting edge organizational designs, large scale behavioural and cultural change, and leadership for collective action. We create social movements, collective leadership and novel social operating systems for organizations