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Binge Marketing

About this webinar

How do series makers manage to get people to watch their content for a long time? And why do we have the greatest difficulty in marketing finding a loyal and engaged audience for our story? Binge marketing offers a refreshing view on marketing in today’s turbulent twenty-first century.

How do you build a brand at a time when the amount of information is greater than ever and when the media are so fragmented that you can barely reach your audience? Carlijn Postma takes you to the place where content is the product and where people know how to build and retain an audience: Hollywood.

Tell your story like a great television series, and turn every piece of content into a compelling, relevant episode for your audience. With binge marketing you make sure that people do want to consume your stories, as loyal and committed readers, viewers or listeners.

Binge marketing presents a practical scenario that you can follow for the development of your own brand or organisation. A guide with which you build your brand, supported by examples and theories from Hollywood.

Presenter - Carlijn Postma, Founder, The Post

Carlijn Postma is the founder of content marketing agency The Post and chairman of Platform Content. In 2017 she was awarded Content Marketing Woman of the year. Previously she published Business Twitter for Beginners (2010) and Content Marketing in 60 minutes (2014).

She has also published articles for the American Content Marketing Institute and speaks at various conferences worldwide. Her book Binge Marketing will be published in English in October 2020. 

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