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Brand Attachment: The Realm Beyond Brand Loyalty and How to Get There

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Consumers will encounter thousands of brands in a lifetime but will develop meaningful attachments to only a few of them. Time and time again, behavioral research proves that if our emotions are strong enough, they’ll override rational thought. This concept is the foundation to the brands we love, what we choose to buy and our likelihood to stay loyal when better products or services compete. 

As we connect ourselves to a brand based on our shared values and the way a brand makes us feel, we may develop strong brand attachment. This is because there is a scientific difference between transactional brand loyalty and emotional brand attachment. This talk will explain how brands move from transactional loyalty to a new realm of unbeatable, unmatched and irreplaceable true customer brand attachment.

Check out Pace's whitepaper developed around this topic.

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  • Guest speaker
    Nicole Martin Vice President Strategy & Marketing Solutions @ Pace

    Nicola works in partnership with the entire portfolio to create brand, digital and content marketing strategies that maximize online exposure through creation of performance-driven content. Her team’s employee comms strategies have retained employees longer and increased the recruitment talent pool.

  • Guest speaker
    Gordon Locke President & Chief Marketing Officer @ Pace

    Gordon has played a key leadership role with many successful employee experience storytelling programmes for clients including Walmart, Pepsico, and others. His agency and client experience cover brands such as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Sabre Airline Solutions, Hawaiian Airlines, HP, and Dell.

  • Team member
    Rob John Managing Director @ The CMA

    I work with the content marketing industry, both in the UK and overseas. Working closely with publishers, agencies, and in-house content creators, the team and I are able to continuously help educate those in the industry, whilst engaging and growing the wider content community.

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