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How to overcome imposter syndrome and unlock your creativity

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Do you ever feel like the ideas you have aren’t good enough?

Then, you see the same idea conceived, pitched and sold by another colleague? Or worse, another agency?

Do you wish you’d confidently said your idea out loud during the brainstorm? But instead, you let the one who always speaks the loudest shut you down?

Do you feel that you are a creative hack? A fraud who may get found out?

If so, you may be suffering from what is known as Imposter Syndrome and you’re not alone.

Apparently 70% of people are reported to feel like this at one point during their lives.

The funny thing about imposter syndrome is that it’s often high achievers, perfectionists and successful people that experience this feeling.

For creative professionals or those with a creative ambition, this can hold you, your business and your client’s business back. As Bill Bernbach once said “It may well be that creativity is the last unfair advantage we're legally allowed to take over our competitors.”

So, join, Seven C3’s Senior Creative Director Mat O’Brien as he explores various techniques on how you can overcome creative imposter syndrome. He’ll look at why some of the greatest creative people we all admire feel like this and how they tackled it. As well as sharing methods the world’s top creative businesses use to instil creative confidence as well as actionable insights that can help build a winning creative culture.

Presenter - Mat O'Brien, Senior Creative Director, SevenC3

Mat O’Brien is Senior Creative Director of Seven C3. He has a rich experience delivering effective and award-winning creative campaigns across all disciplines of the communications industry; including advertising, social media, PR and content. 

Outside of work, Mat is an accomplished film and music video producer and director.

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