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Sustainability Matters

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As we, quite literally, watch the world burn due to climate change - we all want to do something that makes a positive difference. But what is the role of business at this time? What part can brands play in effecting change? And how will this be perceived by consumers? 

Rowan Morrison and Svein Clouston of Rationale, the brand impact agency, share their views on why companies shouldn't be afraid to take a stand, and advise on the best practical steps to take - to not only make a meaningful impact, but to make sure any action is reflected in the right way in brand and content marketing. 

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  • Guest speaker
    Rowan Morrison Managing Director @ Rationale

  • Guest speaker
    Svein Clouston Strategy Director @ Rationale

  • Team member
    Rob John Managing Director @ The CMA

    I work with the content marketing industry, both in the UK and overseas. Working closely with publishers, agencies, and in-house content creators, the team and I are able to continuously help educate those in the industry, whilst engaging and growing the wider content community.

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