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The Culture Connection: How great brands are built from the inside out

About this event

Ever wonder why Amazon doesn’t suffer from its bad PR around workers rights? Or why some companies get all the fresh talent? How about why companies with massive marketing budgets don’t get the cut-through they’re looking for?

The answer is brand/culture fusion, the extent to which external brand identity aligns with internal organisational culture. In other words, do your people think and act in a way that meets the brand promises being made to customers?

We’ll look at why it matters, who does it well and how to do it. Also, what opportunities does it present to content agencies and marketing departments?

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  • Guest speaker
    Simon Bates Founder @ Touchpaper Marketing

  • Team member
    Rob John Managing Director @ The CMA

    I work with the content marketing industry, both in the UK and overseas. Working closely with publishers, agencies, and in-house content creators, the team and I are able to continuously help educate those in the industry, whilst engaging and growing the wider content community.

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