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Building Blocks of a Future System: Advancing Bioreactor Design & Reducing Costs

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Bioreactors have long played a huge role in food production, not least in fermentation-derived products. But with accelerating developments in cultivated meat, especially, demand for these magical tanks is set to rocket in a sector that is already facing a capacity crunch. As if the challenges weren’t hard enough, novel food producers may even find themselves head-to-head with players in established and arguably less risky cosmetics and pharma markets. How can the alternative proteins succeed in such a landscape, given the existing tight margins yet desperate need to scale? Can bioreactor design help reduce costs for startups? Should they build their own capacity? This webinar will feature an expert panel to discuss the technology advancements in design, engineering, and biological and material sciences, to find out how alternative proteins can circumnavigate the bioreactor bottleneck and successfully and cost-effectively bring their products to market.

This is a free-to-attend webinar. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts as well as interact through Q&A sessions.

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