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The Road to Scalability: Scale-up Economics for Cultured Meat

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Cultivated meat production costs have seen massive reductions in the past decade since that first hamburger unveiled in 2013. Having overcome key technical challenges in cell line development, cell culture media, scaffolding, and bioreactors, a handful of well-backed companies are now beginning to scale. This webinar will take a deep dive into the solutions to achieve commercial viability – namely the costs of culture media, equipment, and clean rooms. How do we increase productivity and throughput of both growing cell cultures and final product by improving upstream and downstream processes? In achieiving these goals, will there be any tradeoffs between production scale, product quality, production cost, and footprint over different time horizons? While there has undoubtedly been progress the past 10 years, to scale up to achieve true price parity, production costs still need to come down and productivity needs to be vastly improved.

This is a free-to-attend webinar. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts as well as interact through Q&A sessions.

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